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Wheatham Farm - Other services...


Seasoned Hardwood Logs from sustainable managed woodland are available to buy from the farm, less than 20% moisture checked, bags or trailer loads available with free delivery to the local area

Contact George - 07912 966870


DIY livery stable and grazing, with indoor school and excellent hacking in the Ashford Hangers

Beef Boxes 

From our grass fed Red Devon and Aberdeen Angus Cattle. 10 kg boxes include a selection of steaks, roasting joInts, mince, stewing steak, burgers and sausages. 5 kg boxes are also available.  Our next beef boxes will be available late spring 2023

Contact Rachel to order - 07976 597224

Hay & Haylage

Quality big and small bale meadow hay and haylage. We also have wrapped hay available, clean, virtually dust free and grown without the use of chemicals. Ideal for horse shows and family pets! Free delivery to the local area.

Contact George - 07912 966870

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